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Banner HR

If you have not previously used e~Print and do not have access to Banner Human Resources:

  • ❖ Go to
  • ❖ Complete the forms for a Banner Runtime Account, Banner Finance Access, and Banner Human Resource Access (if applicable)
  • ❖ Send these forms to Chris Burnett at 1100 W. Market Street

In the interim, your administrative support staff should be able to retrieve the reports for you.

e~Print can only be accessed via MyCloud Secure Desktop

  • ❖ To access e~Print in Banner HR, use your Banner username and password
  • ❖ Make sure ‘Banner HR – BANPRD’ is the selected repository

The following basic Banner Human Resources reports are available to meet the needs of most departments:

Report of BBA by Home Org (NWRWBBAU)
Budget balance available by home ORG for active budgets.

Departmental Leave Balance Report (PWRWLBAL)
Monthly leave balance report by ORG. Report includes beginning balance, accrued leave, leave taken for month, and available balance for Annual, Sick, Community Service, Comp Time, and Bonus Leave.